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We are team of experienced nannies, mummies and recruiters offering you a personalised and reliable service you can count on. We are quick to respond, dedicated to assisting you through the entire process and offer you support well beyond placement.

We guarantee you quality over quantity and wont waste your time with applicants who don’t meet your expectations. We screen every candidate with a personal interview, reference calling, previous employment and thorough background check.

We have extensive experience working with high profile families both locally and internationally and guarantee discretion and confidentiality. In the rare event that you are not happy with your chosen nanny, we offer a two month replacement policy at no additional fee.

We offer

Provides your family with long term peace of mind on a part time or full time basis with experienced childcare providers who are live in or live out. Your permanent nanny will work with your family for a period of 3 months or more.

A supportive and flexible option for periods up to 3 months. May conveniently cover the leave of your current nanny, accompany you while travelling or just lend a helping hand in a time of a need.

A quick and easy to book service with nannies who possess the skills to connect with children in a limited time frame. This is a great option for date nights, emergencies or to assist you during events and short stay getaways.

Wherever you are located, we can match your family with a childcare professional who will offer your children a chance to learn a new language and culture or build upon language skills they already have.

Our process

To find the right nanny for your family, we need to understand what an ideal nanny means to you. Through our in-depth consultation, we get an insight on your family values, interests and parenting styles. Your consultant will send you profiles of the very best nannies matching only your requirements. We then move at your pace, scheduling interviews, trial periods and employment.
We provide ongoing support, guidance and all the resources you could possibly need to ensure a long term and successful placement.

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