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Flying with children

Jet-Setting with Little Ones

For mums, dads, nannies, and childminders, air travel with young children needn’t be a nightmarish ordeal. With some forethought, your journey from the UK can be as calm and hassle-free as possible, even if the little ones turn the flight into a rambunctious adventure. This in-flight survival guide is here to help.

Preparation is Paramount

1. Shrewd Booking: Arrange flights to coincide with your child’s sleep pattern if possible. Ponder choosing seats at the front of the aircraft for swifter boarding and deplaning, and enquire whether your airline offers priority boarding for families.

2. Pack Prudently: As well as nappies, wipes, and a change of clothing, remember snacks, cherished comfort objects, and compact playthings. Ensure any necessary medications and a basic first-aid kit are included.

3. Airport Readiness: Utilise online check-in to avoid delays at the terminal. Allocate ample time for security procedures, and make use of a pushchair or baby carrier if feasible to keep children secure while leaving your hands free.

In-Flight Tactics

4. Amusement: Bring an array of compact, quiet activities. Colouring books, storybooks, and travel games are excellent choices. For older offspring, pre-load tablets with films and digital diversions. Don’t overlook headphones!

5. Cosy is Key: Dress your child in soft, layered attire that can be easily adjusted. Cabin temperatures can fluctuate, and a comfortable child is typically a content one.

6. Refreshments and Hydration: Pack plenty of your child’s favourite snacks to ward off hunger pangs. Remaining well-hydrated, especially on extended flights, helps stave off crankiness and jetlag.

7. Ear Care: Encourage swallowing during take-off and landing to ease ear discomfort from pressure changes. A bottle, dummy, or chewy treats can assist, particularly for babies and toddlers.


8. No Need to Rush: After landing, take your time disembarking and retrieving luggage. If crossing time zones, gently adjust your child’s routine to the new local hours over time.

With apt preparation and a calm, patient approach, flying with young children can be an endurable experience for all. Wishing you happy and hassle-free travels!