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Tips and Tricks When applying for a new nanny Role

Whether you are ending your current nanny contract, or your current role is not the best fit and you are wanting to move on, the thought of not having income can be daunting. Not only does the income side of things cause some strain, but also the parting from you child and family you have been working with.

Here are Nannies of Greece, we are here to help you through these times with some tips and tricks to keep the balling rolling, so you are not waiting too long for your next role!

Request severance or owed wages as entitled by any contract.

Ask about severance pay or cashing out any paid time off you may be owed based on your work agreement. Carefully review contracts to understand relevant termination and severance clauses. Comprehensive sample work agreements are available from reputable nanny organisations.

Ask families for written letters of recommendation highlighting your best traits.

Request families provide you with written letters of recommendation highlighting your best attributes on the job. These references will be very important for obtaining your next role, and should be added to your resume (CV). Nannies of Greece can provide guidance for appropriately requesting these letters from your previous employer.

Only share contact data of those agreeing to serve as references.

Only share contact information of those agreeing to serve as references in your job search. Direct permission avoids putting anyone in an awkward position. While any past employers in good standing can provide insight, families you nannied for offer unique perspectives.

Craft an updated resume using modern formats, meticulously proofreading.

Update youtn resume using the templates that we provide you here at Nannies of Greece. Meticulously proofreading for errors and make sure your references are up to date along with your job history.

Complete Courses and Update current Certificates

Complete first aid, CPR, and other specialised credentials like water safety instruction during this time. Useful supplementary certifications involve child passenger safety, food handling, and newborn care. Multiple reputable continuing education sources exist in this arena.

Use the Nannies of Greece Job Board

When you are searching for anew Nanny position, why not use our job board to find your next role which you can view here.

If you follow our tips and tricks, we are sure you will be able to find your next nanny role before no time!


How do you stand out in a nanny interview?

BE PREPARED. Get as much information on the position as possible before your interview. Be on time! Interact with the child and ask questions!

How do I sell myself as a nanny?

Have an up to date CV, and make sure you have current and valid references! Add a professional photo to your resume (CV) – no selfies!

How do I introduce myself for a nanny job?

Introduce yourself with your name, run through your resume (CV) highlighting key roles and responsibilities. Describe yourself and your passion for being a nanny