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10 Must Have Items In a Nanny’s Diaper Bag

Hey fellow nannies! As veterans of diaper bags, we know how crucial it is to pack strategically for outings with our little charges. I’m sharing my top 10 absolute must-have items to include in your trusty diaper bag.

Our 10 Must Have Items

  1. Diapers – Pack at least 3-5 extras per outing, depending on how long you’ll be out. Stock up on your preferred brand – I like gentle, eco-friendly diapers without harsh chemicals. Don’t forget the diaper cream! A thick, soothing cream with zinc oxide is ideal for preventing and healing rashes. Bring a small applicator too to keep hands clean. For older kids, pack an extra pair of undies or pull-ups in case of accidents.
  2. Wipes – A wise nanny once said you can never have too many wipes. They’re a necessity for quick diaper changes, but also great for wiping up spills, cleaning dirty hands and faces when a sink isn’t available, and sanitising toys or pacifiers that fall on the ground. I like fragrance-free, sensitive wipes. Bring a resealable travel pack. The Skip Hop wipe dispenser with a handy grab-and-go case is perfect for on-the-go.
  3. Changing Pad – This is a must for clean, sanitary diaper changes in the car, a public restroom, or any place without a proper changing table. A soft, foldable pad prevents laying baby on questionable surfaces. It also protects car seats or furniture from accidents. The thick cushy padding keeps babes comfy. Look for waterproof material that’s easy to wipe clean after changes.
  4. Disposable Bags – I keep both disposable diaper sacks and gallon sized zipper bags like Ziploc. The disposable sacks are great for sealing in stinky, soiled diapers until you find a trash can. The zipper bags come in handy for containing wet clothes or other garbage and mishaps away from the rest of your items.
  5. Extra Clothes – Every experienced nanny knows to be prepared for messes and clothing mishaps! Pack at least one extra outfit for babies and toddlers. Include an extra onesie, pants, socks, shirt depending on the season. Bring extra hats and gloves in colder weather or an extra sun hat for the summer. For potty training tots, include extra underwear and pants.
  6. Bottles and Food – Don’t let hungry meltdowns ruin your day! For bottle fed babes, bring twice the amount of formula or breastmilk you think you’ll need, plus an extra bottle of water. A mini cooler bag helps keep items fresh. Bring a portable bottle warmer for peace of mind. For toddlers and older kids, pack healthy snacks like yogurt pouches, cheese sticks and fresh fruit. Bring at least one spare bib, spoon, fork if needed, and a small tupperware of finger foods like cereal or crackers. Stay fuelled too – pack yourself a snack!
  7. Hand Sanitiser – Hand hygiene is so important when out and about with kiddos. An alcohol-based sanitiser is ideal for your hands and older kids’ hands. Use it after diaper changes, before meals, when you return home, and any other time hands pick up germs. For little ones, use a gentle fragrance-free formula. I love foam sanitizer’s since they’re easy for kids.
  8. Blanket – A light blanket in your bag is useful in many ways. Drape it over baby in a chilly store or restaurant. Use it as a nursing cover for discreet public feeding. An extra blanket protects little legs from hot car seats or stroller sun shades. Unfold it for an impromptu picnic at the park. It also works great as a burp cloth or impromptu changing surface in a pinch. I prefer breathable cotton or muslin.
  9. First Aid Supplies– A mini first aid kit is a must-have for minor bumps, scrapes, and ouchies. Pack bandaids, antibiotic cream, anti-itch cream, disposable gloves and alcohol wipes. Bring any medications the child takes regularly. In warm months, toss in sunscreen and bug spray. You can buy portable kits or assemble your own in a pouch. Add any items you may need for chronic medical conditions.
  10. Toys – Every diaper bag needs a couple of small toys and books. Toys entertain squirmy babies, soothe fussy criers, and prevent tantrums from bored tots. Rattles, soft books, small plush toys, and teethers are perfect for the littlest ones. For toddlers, include a couple of small cars, figurines, colouring books and reading books. Everything should be small enough to fit in your bag. Don’t forget loveys or pacifiers that comfort your charges.

There you have it, my top 10 can’t-live-without items for a prepared, stress-free day with my favourite little kiddos! Let me know any other must-have items you like to keep in your trusty diaper bag. Stay organised and happy nannying!