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Fun Christmas Games

Here at Nannies of Greece we have put together, what we think are some of the best games to play as family during the Christmas holidays. The games we have chosen are both fun and educational for the whole family!

Christmas Memory Match

A memory match game utilises merry images like Santa Claus, reindeer and Christmas trees. Lay the images facedown on a table and one at a time, have your child turn over cards in pairs. The aim of the game is to match the images. If a match is not found, it is then the next persons turn. This game, is not only fun to see who can get the most matches, but it also increases memory recall. Adapt the activity’s complexity level to the child’s age and memory recall.

Christmas Word Scramble

Prepare a list of Christmas words with jumbled letters for unscrambling. Write the scrambled word on a piece of paper upside down. Set a timer for 60 seconds, turn the piece of paper over and see who can unscrambled the words. Do this numerous times until someone becomes the best unscrambler! This is a great activity which will enhance your childs spelling!

Counting Christmas Lights

To help your childs counting, a fun quick game is to count as many christmas lights on your tree they can see in a period of time. To up the ante, you can suggest counting the number of red lights there are compared to blue, then minus the 2 numbers to get your answer!

Bingo Blossoms with Brainpower

Hand out bingo boards covered in Christmas symbols and words like Santa, presents, reindeer and more. As you call out the words, the children can mark off on their cards the images you shout out (if they appear on their card). To add a mathematical twist, create maths problems such as 2+2. This equals 4, and the number 4 can represent a Christmas image or word on your childs bingo card.

Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Send young sleuths on a quest to unlock a series of clues leading to a final surprise. Hide hints to the next step around the house in wrapped boxes, envelopes or puzzles. Questions, word problems, codes or rhymes provoke problem-solving skills as children piece together the trail. The prize at the end can be Christmas candy or even a present!

Number of Candies

In a jar throw in a random number of candies, and have the children guess how many candies are in the jar. The winner of the guessing game gets to keep the jar of candies!

Christmas Trivia

A fun game for the whole family – create teams of 2 or more people and have 1 person as the host. The host reads out questions based on Christmas and the teams answer. At the end of the game, the team with the most correct answer win!

This is a list of some of our favourite Christmas games you can play as a family. We hope you try some of them this Christmas! And of course, have a Very Merry Christmas!