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Getting children to love reading books

Reading is more than just a skill – it’s a doorway to incredible adventures, fascinating characters, and new perspectives. As nannies, we have the special opportunity to help children fall in love with reading. Here are some fun ways we can make stories come alive for children and inspire a lifelong passion for books.

Make Storytime Interactive

Ask questions, make predictions, do funny voices – make reading together playful! When children actively engage with stories, it boosts comprehension and makes reading irresistibly enjoyable.

Create Inviting Reading Nooks

A cosy reading corner signals to children that books are treasures to curl up with. Outfit nooks with soft seating, good lighting, and a rotating collection of engaging reads.

Match Books to Interests and Abilities

The right book makes all the difference. Choose titles that align with each child’s age, reading level, and passions. Picture books, short chapter books, graphic novels – there’s something to capture every imagination.

Read Aloud Together

Even older children benefit from listening to fluent reading. Read alouds build listening skills, vocabulary, and a shared enjoyment of stories. Make it a special routine children look forward to.

Be a Reading Role Model

Children are influenced by our example. Share your love of reading by talking about books you enjoy. Seeing adults read for pleasure shows children that reading is fun.

Incorporate Books into Play

Let books inspire dress-up, art projects, or imaginary adventures. Show children that stories’ magic extends beyond the page.

Visit Libraries and Bookshops

Surround children with the wonders of books! Regular trips allow them to discover new titles, practise choosing books independently, and see reading as an integral part of life.

With creativity and passion, we can instil in children a lifelong love of reading. As Dr Seuss said, “The more you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” Let’s go on magical reading adventures with children!


Which factors influence the child's love for reading?

It all comes down to motivating the child and making reading fun, instead of a chore. Always motive your child to promote an eagerness to read

What factors can help children read?

Always encourage your child, when they make a mistake point out there problem then correct them. Read aloud so that the child can learn how to say words and comprehend what they are reading.

Why do children love reading?

Children Love reading as they can immerse themselves into their book and can disappear in to their imagination.