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Tips for Your virtual nanny interview

Here at Nannies of Greece, we adore the flexibility and accessibility of meeting and interviewing online—here’s how to prepare for your virtual interview and secure your dream job!

Over the years, many nannies have reached out asking for advice on conducting interviews with families remotely using video calls (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.). As our agency has been training both candidates and families on how to conduct remote interviews, we’ve fortunately picked up a thing or two along the way that we’re happy to share with those of you who may be preparing for your first-ever video interview with either an agency or a family.

Sort Your Tech

Families generally have their own preferences as to which platform they’d like to use for their video interviews. Since you won’t be meeting the family in person in advance of the interview, we recommend that you work with whatever their preference is, if one is given, and get the software up and running. This is your first opportunity to showcase adaptability—saying “actually I don’t have Skype, can we use XXX platform instead?” may be a non-starter for some families, particularly as their families have become accustomed very quickly to virtual learning in the past few weeks and will likely value a nanny who is tech-savvy enough to help their children navigate online learning and other tech-based applications and tasks in the near future.

If you have the option of using either your mobile or a tablet or laptop with a camera, test out the connection on each one and select the one with the better video quality. Download whichever software platform the family has asked to use, create a login, and launch the software to ensure you’ll be able to access it and be on time for your call. Candidates often have difficulty arriving on time to platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting when they click on the link at the exact time of the interview and then realise they have to use a different browser, download a plug-in, create an account, or other factors that can add 3-10 minutes to the process before they are able to connect, and starting an interview late is not how anyone wants to kick things off!

Decide Where the Interview Will Take Place

You may be familiar with using FaceTime for video calls to friends and family whilst wandering around your flat, sitting at a park, or cooking dinner—while video calls are used informally all of the time, this is not one of those times. Find a quiet, well-lit place to sit, preferably with a white or empty wall behind you. While video interviewing is convenient since you are able to do it from home or anywhere, it should still be taken as seriously as a professional interview and treated as such.

Interviews should not be taking place:

  • Whilst children are in your care
  • Sitting on your bed
  • In a room that others may be entering/exiting from
  • Outdoors
  • In a car

Prepare for Your Video Interview the Same Way You Would Prepare for a Regular Interview

This includes:

  • Looking over the job description and writing down any questions you have for the family
  • Reviewing your CV and understanding which skills and experiences to highlight for this particular role
  • Getting dressed and prepared as if you were heading to a real interview
  • Doing your normal ‘best practices’ to prepare for an interview, including stretching, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.—whatever will make you feel the most comfortable and confident and do your best!
  • Block out 10-15 minutes before the interview to give yourself time to be confident and collected when the interview begins
  • Make sure your video platform is working correctly and that you won’t be interrupted.

During the Interview

During your interview with the family, be prepared to answer and ask many questions! If there is an issue with any of your tech platforms, try to ignore them if they are minor. If the tech issues become so major that you are having a hard time hearing or understanding the questions, request to move the call to a phone call so that all parties can be present. Especially in a virtual environment, it’s important to forge a human connection during these interviews—ask families about their children and their interests, fun projects the family has been working on at home, etc. Interviewing virtually is a fantastic way for you and the hiring parents to get to know one another and determine if a professional partnership would work for everyone involved.

Now, here’s my own version of the blog post with a playful yet serious tone:

Virtual Nanny Interviews: From Pyjamas to Professional in 5 Easy Steps!

Ah, the joys of technology! Gone are the days of ironing your best shirt and battling traffic to make it to an interview on time. Now, you can wow potential employers from the comfort of your own home—but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s time to slack off! Here’s how to nail your virtual nanny interview and land that dream job, all while resisting the temptation to wear your fluffy bunny slippers.

Step 1: Tech Wizardry (or at least basic competence)

First things first, channel your inner IT guru and get that video software sorted. Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, or some fancy new app you’ve never heard of, download it, test it, and for the love of all things holy, figure out how to use it before the interview starts. Nothing says “I’m not prepared” quite like spending the first 10 minutes of your interview staring blankly at a loading screen.

Step 2: Location, Location, Location!

Your interview backdrop is important. While we’re sure your unmade bed or collection of house plants are fascinating, they’re not quite the professional image we’re going for. Find a quiet spot with a plain background—think “boring but tidy” rather than “episode of Hoarders.”

Step 3: Dress for Success (yes, even your bottom half)

We know it’s tempting to pair that crisp white shirt with your favourite pyjama bottoms, but resist! Dressing fully for the interview will put you in the right mindset, and you’ll avoid any embarrassing moments if you need to stand up unexpectedly. Plus, it’s a great excuse to finally change out of those tracksuit bottoms you’ve been wearing for a week.

Step 4: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can wing it. Review the job description, polish your CV, and prepare some killer questions. Remember, this is your chance to shine—so let’s make it less “deer in headlights” and more “Mary Poppins meets Super Nanny.”

Step 5: Showtime!

When the big moment arrives, take a deep breath and remember—you’ve got this! Engage with the family, ask thoughtful questions, and let your passion for childcare shine through. And if all else fails, just pretend you’re on a really important video call with the Queen. That ought to keep you on your toes!

Remember, while virtual interviews might feel a bit strange at first, they’re a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and personality. So embrace the technology, put your best foot forward (even if it is in a fluffy slipper), and go land that dream nanny job!