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Hosting a play date

Sorting your first playdate as a nanny can be both well exciting and totally nerve-wracking. Playdates are a brill way for little’uns to develop their social skills, do fun activities together, and just hang out. To make sure the playdate goes smoothly and everyone has a proper good time, here are some top tips for planning and hosting.

Planning Ahead

  1. Keep Parents in the Loop Before setting up the playdate, chat with the parents about any dietary needs, allergies, and what kinds of activities their kids like. This way, you know the important details that’ll affect snacks or play options.
  2. Pick Age-Appropriate Activities Choose activities suited for the ages of the kids coming over. Mix it up with some structured stuff like crafts or games, and free playtime where they can make up their own fun and games. Structured activities help with focus and following rules, while free play boosts creativity and problem-solving.
  3. Get the Space Ready Safety first! Make sure the play area is childproofed with no hazards lying around. Set out toys and materials beforehand so everything’s ready to go when the kids arrive.

During the Playdate

  1. Set Some Simple RulesIt helps to go over a few basic rules at the start, like sharing toys, using indoor voices, and where the bathroom is. Clear rules prevent misunderstandings and fights between the kids.
  2. Stay Involved While you want to let the kids play independently, keep an eye on them. Be ready to step in if any conflicts come up or someone needs help. This keeps the playdate fun and safe for everyone.
  3. Go with the Flow Have a loose plan, but be ready to be flexible based on how it’s going. Maybe an activity isn’t holding their interest, or they’re loving a game and want to keep playing. Going with the flow instead of sticking to a rigid schedule keeps things enjoyable.

Hosting a playdate is a great way to help kids develop socially. By preparing ahead of time and being a chill but attentive host, you can make sure the playdate is a blast for everyone involved. With these tips, your first playdate is sure to be a success!”


What is a play date for kids?

A playdate is a scheduled period for two children to visit and play together. Parents arrange the time, date, and location for a playdate in advance. Playdates typically last for a few hours before the parent who is not hosting the playdate collects their child.

Do parents stay for play dates?

it can be helpful for the children to play by themselves initially, allowing them to get to know each other, while the parents socialise in the next room. Stay or go? For children of this age, it is most appropriate for mother or father to stay in the home with their child during the playdate.”

How do I text a mom for a playdate?

You could say something like, “I believe our children would get on rather well together, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in arranging a playdate?” Being direct demonstrates that you are serious about wishing to organise an event and allows the other parent the opportunity to respond.