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Its Time To Celebrate Nannies

A mother who is responsible for hiring staff once remarked that as a nanny, I was the most crucial recruit she would bring onto her team.

There is no higher privilege than being entrusted with the care of another family’s children. Nannies do more than just enable parents to focus on their careers and provide for their households financially. They are handed the profound duty of influencing the character and values of hardworking parents’ children.

Working as a nanny is not only an amazing vote of confidence, but nannies themselves are some of the toughest, most courageous and intelligent women and men with the most remarkable life stories, hailing from all walks of life.

Nannies come from diverse cultures, backgrounds, education levels and financial circumstances. Professional nannies go beyond meeting the day-to-day needs of the kids in their charge. They leave a lasting positive mark on children’s self-esteem, love of learning, bravery, assurance, grit and positivity.

Remarkably, after 10 or more hours a day changing diapers, washing clothes, cooking, tidying up, assisting with schoolwork and bathing another family’s children, many nannies return home to perform the same chores and hard work of raising their own kids too.

That’s why designating a week to acknowledge the vital work of nannies is so meaningful.

During the upcoming National Nanny Recognition Week, I urge parents to take time to sincerely express gratitude to their in-home childcare providers. Though gifts are always thoughtful and appreciated, heartfelt praise and thanks throughout the year mean even more to caregivers than one-time presents.