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Preparing Your Child For the First day of School

The end of summer break often stirs up conflicting emotions. For parents, it may feel like a burden has been lifted. But for kids, going back to school can be a jumble of excitement and worry. As caregivers, your role in this transitional time is key. Here are some helpful ways to ensure the children in your care start the academic year off right.

Establishing Routines

One of the best ways to get kids ready for school is implementing a routine. Slowly adjust bedtimes and wake-up times to match the school schedule about two weeks ahead. This helps reprogram their internal body clocks, so the first day isn’t such a shock.

Buying School Supplies

Kids are more eager about school when they have new supplies to show off. A fun shopping trip for school essentials can make a big difference. Let them pick out a few special items – giving them some control over personalising their school experience can provide a sense of ownership and anticipation.

Addressing Emotions

Discuss any concerns or excitement about the upcoming year. Listen to their fears and highlight positive aspects. Making new friends, exploring new subjects, and joining clubs are all great things to look forward to.

Visiting School

For a new school, or even a new grade, touring beforehand can ease first-day nerves. Walk through the layout, see the classroom, and if possible, introduce them to their new teacher. Familiarizing them ahead of time brings comfort.


A nutritious breakfast is the foundation for a productive school day. Planning a week’s worth of healthy morning meals you can make together can be a fun bonding activity.


For young kids especially, playing school is an engaging way to prepare. Take turns being the teacher and student, run through typical activities, and explain what to expect.

Final Checklist

Make sure everything’s ready the evening before: clothes picked out, backpack packed, lunch made, etc. This makes mornings go smoothly and reduces last-minute chaos.

Keepsake Photo

Don’t forget to capture the milestone moment. Taking a “first day of school” photo can become a treasured yearly tradition.

Preparing children for the academic year goes beyond buying supplies and fixing sleep schedules. It’s about empowering them mentally, emotionally, and physically for the adventures ahead. And you’re in the perfect role to help make it happen!


How to deal with the first day of school

Talk about what to expect in advance. Fred Rogers once said, “When children know ahead of time what’s going to happen — and not happen — they can prepare themselves for what’s coming.

How to stop my child from crying when going to school?

Always talk about school as a positive thing. When taking your child to school allow them to take one of their favourite items with them to school, and always say goodbye to you child when leaving them for the day.

Why do kids cry when starting school?

One reason for a child to cry when attending school is separation anxiety and an unprecedented fear of school. It is a new environment for them, so it is usual for a child to feel scared going to a new place without their parents.