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Find the Perfect Nanny for Your Family

To secure the perfect nanny for your family and circumstances, it’s crucial to establish your requirements. Determine which form of childcare suits you best, identify the responsibilities that the nanny should assume, and establish any non-negotiables to more precisely define the position you seek to fill.

At Nannies of Greece, we take your requirements and, with our elite team, find the right nanny for your child and family. We are dedicated to finding the best possible fit, whether it’s a holiday or an at-home nanny.

We are here for you.Our team conducts rigorous background checks and evaluates candidates based on their education and expertise. We only hire highly experienced professionals who have a genuine passion for working with children and enjoy spending time with them.

What we look for in a great nanny

Enjoying the company of children is only one aspect of being a nanny. This profession requires working long hours, often in isolation with children, so it’s crucial that nannies have a genuine affinity for being around them. It is not just a job but a passion and a lifelong career. Building a connection and cultivating a relationship with the children under their care is the most critical aspect of being an exceptional nanny, and for the best nannies, this comes instinctively.

They foster growth and development – an excellent nanny takes pride in positively influencing the lives of the children under their care, providing opportunities that encourage development and growth.

They possess limitless patience and energy – a top-notch nanny can actively engage children while handling their moods and tantrums with grace and patience.

A great nanny is an effective communicator – nannies must relay information to parents and vice versa, necessitating effective communication skills.

Reliability, adaptability, and flexibility are crucial – great nannies understand their pivotal role in the family’s routine and obligations and can adapt to sudden changes. The possibility of working overtime should also fit into a nanny’s schedule.

Trustworthy, respectful, and ethical – as a child’s moral compass, a great nanny acts as a positive role model and strives to exceed expectations while respecting the parents’ authority.

Prioritises safety and uses common sense – the best nannies have sound judgment, particularly regarding safety, and remain calm during emergencies.

Self-motivated and proactive – exceptional nannies consistently complete tasks and take initiative without prompting.

Creativity is key – the most outstanding nannies engage children with imaginative and enjoyable activities that promote intellectual and emotional growth.

Hiring a nanny

Hiring a nanny can be a very daunting process, and here at Nannies of Greece, we make the process enjoyable by ensuring we find the potential nanny for your child and your family.

We start the process by meeting with you (in-person or virtually) to discuss your requirements. Once we are both happy with the requirements, we then create a job description that outlines the key roles and responsibilities for the advertised role.

Once the job description has been made live via our digital platforms, we first contact the nannies on our database who are already registered and the majority have worked for us previously.

We will also receive applications where if the applicant matches the criteria of the job description we will proceed to the vetting process, where we ask for the necessary documentation and references. Once we are happy that all of the criteria has been met we will then meet the candidate in person.

At the same time, we will also be contacting nannies who have previously worked with Nannies of Greece and match the criteria to see if they are available for the role.

When the candidate has been correctly vetted and has met our criteria, Nannies of Greece will then propose the nanny to the family. The family will then provide feedback on whether they will would like an interview with the candidate or not.

Our vetting process

When Nannies of Greece hires a nanny, we are very strict in our vetting process. When asking for documentation, we request personal identification (with a photograph), conduct a police/background check, verify their qualifications, and require supporting degrees and certificates to be provided, along with references.

Once we have gone through the supplied paperwork, and the candidate has supplied the correct paperwork and is qualified, we will then meet the candidate in person. We will then send the family the candidate’s resume. Once the family has agreed to the candidate, we will then set up an interview.

On passing the interview stage, the candidate will then qualify for the position they have applied for and will be registered with Nannies of Greece.

Prepare the nanny for their first day

Sign up and contract offer:

Once the offer for the role has been accepted by the candidate, a work agreement will be sent out. The nanny will then be registered with Nannies of Greece. The work agreement will stipulate the terms of the work agreement and the trial period. The work agreement also stipulates the rights of the family and the nanny, stating that if the placement does not work out, either party can end the work agreement.

If this is to happen, Nannies of Greece offers a 2 month guarantee to the family, where the nanny will be replaced.

Preparation for first day:

On the nanny’s first day, we make sure that the nanny is well aware of their roles and responsibilities, their working hours, the trial period, emergency contacts, and the processes for when they have a question or a problem.

Our guide to nanny orientation

Before your nanny starts their first day on the job, they likely have some understanding of what their position entails from the interview and job agreement. However, it’s crucial to allocate time for an orientation session to ensure they are well-prepared.

When your nanny arrives for their first day, make sure to make them feel at ease by providing a comprehensive introduction to their new work environment, including all relevant information and job expectations.

It’s also important to identify any areas where they may require additional support or training to fulfil their duties effectively. Taking the time to provide a thorough orientation will help your nanny settle into their new role and ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed.

Suggested nanny orientation checklist

  • Show your nanny around your home thoroughly, highlighting light switches and how to use household appliances. Also, mention areas that they are not allowed to use.
  • Go over the agreed work schedule with your nanny, including any changes since the contract was signed. If any changes have been made, attach a signed addendum showing them.
  • Introduce your nanny to other household staff and explain their roles and responsibilities. Also, review the hierarchy of the household staff so that they know who to consult when you are not available.
  • Review other household staff schedules with your nanny to help them plan their work better.
  • Review your expectations with your nanny, including tasks they are required to carry out, such as feeding your children, nap times, homework, and other related tasks. This will help prevent misunderstandings in the future.
  • Discuss any health issues or concerns regarding your children with your nanny. Share vital information like food allergies, medication they need to take, and provide the nanny with the necessary details they need.
  • Provide your nanny with emergency contact information, such as the name and phone number of your paediatrician and how to reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Review your home security system with your nanny and let your security monitoring company know you have hired a nanny. They can help you set up a secret word and create a pin code for your nanny to use in case of an alarm.
  • Discuss details for school drop-off and pick-up procedures, such as updating your parental authorisation information to include your nanny.
  • Go over details for play dates, outings, and other sporting and social events if you expect your nanny to be present during such events.
  • If your nanny will be driving your children, review their auto insurance to verify they have the right coverage. Provide them with car seats if necessary, and show them where your registration and insurance card are kept if they will be using your vehicle.
  • Discuss your sick day procedures, including how they should notify you if they are sick and whether you will require a doctor’s note for an extended illness.
  • Review how your nanny can request personal time off, including how much notice they need to give you.
  • Discuss any benefits you are offering, such as paid sick time, personal time, and healthcare insurance.
  • Provide your nanny with a journal to record daily logs of what activities they do with your children and other important details, such as upcoming parent-teacher conferences.
  • Provide your nanny with medical authorisation forms to seek medical care and treatment for your children when you are not available.
  • Provide your nanny with a set of keys to your home so that they can access your home whenever necessary.


How do I prepare my house for a nanny?

Give your nanny a set of house keys and show where the spare key is hidden

Does a nanny have to clean the house?

Childcare providers typically anticipate performing various household tasks related to the care of children and ensuring that the home remains in its original state. These responsibilities may encompass activities such as tidying up and maintaining cleanliness in the children’s bedrooms, including making or changing the beds.

Do nannies cook for the family?

In a typical nanny arrangement where cooking is included as part of their duties. Cooking duties are for the childre only.

The nanny would typically arrive early in the morning to start preparing and cooking meals ahead of time, in addition to caring for the children. The specific details of these responsibilities will depend on the terms outlined in the nanny contract and employment agreement.

What is a nanny's daily routine?

Childcare providers are skilled at organizing engaging activities such as outings to the park or assisting with school assignments. They can also participate in games or accompany children to playgroups or classes. On a daily basis, the nanny will arrange and make lunch for the children, as well as prepare dinner in the evening.