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Fun and games in nature

Tired of hearing “I’m bored!” while your kids stare endlessly at screens? As a parent looking for fun outdoor activities, you’ve come to the right place. This nature adventure guide will give you endless ideas to unplug the family and connect with the wonders of the natural world.

Grab the Wellies, We’re Going Outside!

It’s time to switch off the tablets and mobiles and switch on your sense of adventure. The great outdoors provides the ultimate playground for children to run wild and free. From woodland walks to wacky wildlife spotting, here are the top 10 nature activities to share with your little ones:

Scavenger Hunts

Exploring and collecting natural treasures makes for an exciting outdoor quest. Race to find items on your list like pinecones, colourful leaves, feathers, and more.

Mud Pie Kitchen

Mix up dirt, leaves, petals and water to “bake” pies and treats. Don’t forget the sprinkles (pebbles)!

Flower Crowns

Gather wildflowers and weeds to craft royal headpieces. Every kid needs one of these leafy accessories.

Cloud Watching

Lie back and lose yourself in the shapes floating above. Spot dragons, angels and animals in the sky.

Nature Art

Use sticks, stones, flowers and more to create outdoor masterpieces. Craft fairy villages, paint rocks or make bark rubbings.

Bug Hunts

Search under logs and leaves for beetles, spiders, ants and other crawlies. Observe them up close then let them safely home.

Tree Climbing

Scale new heights on branches and feel the thrill of being off the ground. Great for confidence and coordination.

Bird Watching

See how many feathered friends you can spot just by sitting quietly and listening. Identify them by sight and song.

Leaf Rubbings

Place leaves under paper and rub with crayon to reveal their unique patterns, colours and shapes. Frame your nature prints.

Building Forts

Construct secret woodland hideouts from sticks, logs and other forest finds. Cozy up and share stories inside.

Outdoor Picnic

Pack a lunch of all your favourite things to eat and drink. Find that perfect location along the coast with some shade and enjoy eating outdoors!

Unplug, Explore and Learn!

Nature is the ultimate teacher if you let your children freely experience its wonder. Outdoor play provides endless learning opportunities to spark curiosity about wildlife and the environment.

Most importantly, it simply brings joy! So switch off the screens and make lasting memories with the great outdoors. Your kids will be refreshed, focused and begging to go outside again tomorrow.