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How To Make Fun Pasta Jewellery

Making pasta jewellery is a fun crafty activity to do with the little ones! Gather the family and get creative turning plain pasta into wearable art.

When choosing the pasta to use for your jewellery, just make sure the pasta you choose is tubular in shape! Rigatoni and penne are your best options!

You’ve got options when it comes to decorating the pasta. For a no-mess approach following these easy steps!

  1. Seal pasta and food dye inside a zip top bag.
  2. Shake gently to coat the pasta in vibrant colour. Acrylic paint works too – invite kids to transform each piece into a mini masterpiece by hand-painting designs.
  3. Once painted, let the pasta creations dry fully before stringing. We recommend giving them a final coat of glue – this adds strength and a glossy finish.
  4. Thread the beads! Help young children tape one end of the string so beads stay put.
  5. Pass around a plastic needle and let imaginations run wild combining colours and patterns.
  6. Knotting the ends together to form bracelets and necklaces

Display these keepsake creations proudly or gift them to friends. However they choose to wear them, kids will love showing off their homemade pasta jewellery!”